Our Services

Urgent Care

  • - Sudden illness assessment and treatment.
  • - Urine testing for infection.
  • - Refill of medication.
  • - Diagnosis of a new rash.
  • - Pregnancy testing and counselling (including referral for prenatal care or abortion services at your request).
  • - Emergency contraception, including emergency IUD insertion.
  • - Injury assessment (no X-rays aretaken at our clinic)
  • - Suturing of lacerations and tetanus vaccination.

Please call 911 if you are having symptoms of a serious illness, such as a heart attack or stroke (chest pain, shortness of breath, or new onset of neurological symptoms). If you have an injury that would require immediate imaging, please go to the emergency room for assessment, as they will have on-site radiology services readily available.

Family Practice

Comprehensive medical care to service individuals and whole families located in Delta, Tsawwassen and across the province. Our team of family doctors provides services catering to your and your family’s healthcare needs.

Immunizations/Flu and Allergy Shot

We provide immunizations flu and allergy shots for both children and adults.

Looking for an allergy specialist?

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Please call our office or fill out the patient intake form here to book your telehealth visit with one of our family physicians.


Services Not Covered by MSP

  • Driver’s Medical (Yellow): $238
  • Driver's Medical Form (Blue) : MSP will cover a maximum of $75 and remaining charges the patient will be responsible for paying. 
  • General Medical Forms: $80 +
  • Transfer of Medical Records: Varies on the amount of medical records being transferred. 
  • Doctors Note: $40
  • Missed Appointments : $50 


Private Pay Appointments

  • International Patient who do not have MSP Coverage: $140
  • BC Resident without MSP Coverage: $100
  • Canadians who have Coverage in other provinces are able to be seen at no cost except for Quebec residents. ($100)

  • Covered by MSP if:
  • Patient is 15 years or older
  • Plantar Wart
  • Precancerous Skin Lesion

  • Wart anywhere else on the body are not covered by MSP- $100 charge will apply.